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Thelymitra (glaucophylla X paludosa) - BLUE - Blooming size tuber - Bare root

Thelymitra (glaucophylla X paludosa) - BLUE - Blooming size tuber - Bare root

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Thelymitra are some of the most incredible orchids in the world. They have gorgeous shape, unreal colors (including true blues), and often have amazing fragrances. They are called sun orchids because their flowers open when in the warm sun and close when they are not.

Again, both parents of this hybrid are blue, so light to saturated blue flowers are expected. This hybrid is also easier to grow, especially for those who generally like to water their orchids more.

Most Australian terrestrial orchids are SUMMER DORMANT - yes, summer, not winter. This makes their need for slightly cooler temps (<75 F) while growing much easier to maintain (we grow them in the same location that we grow our Habenaria during the spring and summer). They like bright light and can have dark and/or yellowing on their leaves as a result (look up in situ pictures - those leaves do not look so happy, but, wow, do they flower well!). We water 2-3 times a week to keep the medium slightly damp during the growing season.

These can be a little challenging to grow, but that is almost entirely because of the medium. They grow best in an extremely well-draining, mostly-inorganic medium that has some sort of healthy fungal and/or bacterial microenvironment to help aid the plant's growth since they have a very unimpressive root system.

At RustyExotics, we have a special medium containing inorganic components and composted, inoculated organic components to provide the microbial load these plants need. This medium works very well for many of our Australian Terrestrials, so we offer our medium for sale in our store to help grow these beautifully.


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Adrianna Hinckley
Happy customer!

What a unique find! Shipping was quick and it was very carefully packaged. Already sprouting too! Very happy with my purchase.